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At RST we provide various commercial waste containers. After collection, all our wastes are taken to Ace Waste incineration in Brisbane. This incinerator is the only one in Queensland approved for regulated waste and is the only incinerator monitored 24/7 by the Department of Environment. From The departments testing this method puts out 24 times less greenhouse gases then landfill. The Ace Waste website has more information regarding their incinerator and its process.

Waste Containers

RST Supply industry standard waste containers for collection and disposal of your various waste. Our waste collection bins are all able to be securely locked in both 120 and 240 Litre sized wheelie Bins. We do not charge rent on our bins.

Sharp Containers

RST sell a wide range of Sharp containers from a number of Manufactures all made to Australian Standards. Where possible we source Australian made and environmentally friendly produced containers.

Sanitary & Nappy Bins

RST Supply Industry Standard Bins for Collection and Disposal of Sanitary and Nappy waste. In varying sizes depending on your needs.

Odour Management units

RST Supply and Service Odour Management units. The odour management dispensers that we supply, install, and maintain, are the latest aerosol dispensers.

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Our clients range from small business to government and large organisations. RST staff all hold a current certificate of federal police clearance, enabling us to pick up waste without compromising your OHS and legal obligations. 

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