Sanitation & Air Fresheners

Keeps your toilets, reception and waiting areas smelling fresh and clean. 

The odour management dispensers that we supply, install, and maintain, are the latest aerosol dispensers.  Fitted with the most advanced LCD panel design, which is able to select and set almost all functions that aerosol dispensers need today.  

Our air freshener service is different from the rest. 

RST Waste Services use the exchange bin method of servicing. We have a dedicated van fitted out to securely hold sanitary bins during travel. Our bins are hand cleaned at our EPA approved waste facility in Bundaberg using Environmentally Friendly, Bio degradable disinfectant.

When cleaned our bins are left disassembled to use natural light to help with the cleaning and odour removal. Our bins have odourised Bio degradable bags inserted before assembly and then an odour enriched sand placed inside the bags. We use these two methods to help control odours and to ensure your Bathrooms are kept to the highest level of hygiene. Each day these are placed into our van and delivered direct to customer Bathrooms.

On return to our yard the bin liners are removed and placed into transport receptacles and placed into cold rooms designed for storage of clinical and regulated waste. We transport waste to the incinerator on 5 days a week, so we do not store waste for extended periods. The used Sanitary bins are then placed into a designated area ready for the cleaning process.

RST Waste Services use the exchange method of servicing your bathrooms as we believe it is the better option. By using this method, we are not carrying Chemicals etc around your premises to get to your Bathrooms. Therefore, reducing the risk of spillage and contaminating your environment.
As bathroom cubicles are small there isn’t room to carry out the cleaning process to our high standards and again the risk of overspray etc being left in your Bathroom, Absorbed into Air-conditioning units and coming into contact with other personal is not in line with our environmental and WHS policies.
The time it takes to clean each bin requires that cubical to be unavailable for use for extended periods.
The waste is contained in the original bin and is not being transferred to another receptacle at your premises reducing the risk of spillage.
Supplying you our customer with most efficient and hygienic service is our aim. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum duration for a waste disposal contract with RST?

There are no contractual obligations: You can use our services as little or as often as you need to. You are not bound to us for a specific term, as with many other medical waste and sanitation companies.

My workplace requires a secure waste disposal. Are you able to provide this?

All RST staff hold a current certificate of federal police clearance, enabling us to pick up waste without compromising your OHS and legal obligations.

Our 240lt wheelie bins have lids that can be padlocked and will remain locked whilst in transit to the disposal area. On arrival at the incinerator the bins are unlocked and emptied into the incinerator in a controlled environment. We believe this gives you, our customer, a greater confidence that the confidentiality of your documents is being maintained to a high integrity. 

To help you fulfil your legal requirements for confidentiality we supply a certificate of destruction outlining the volume and location of destruction.

Do you provide separate pharmaceutical and anatomical waste containers?

As our medical waste containers all get incinerated we only provide a single bin for all clinical waste types. Your pharmaceutical and anatomical waste and sealed sharps containers can go in a single bin to simplify your processes.

Which areas of QLD do you service?

RST currently services Bundaberg, North and South Burnett, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Gympie & Sunshine Coast. If your area is not listed, please contact us and we'll see if we can arrange something for you.

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